Please note that there is date change for the WIS Financial Presentation, the new date is May 28th, during our monthly Coffee Morning. We will meet at 9:00 – 10:30 am, the theater room will be opened at 8:30. Please join us!!

The Annual School Year End Picnic will take place on June 9th at South Park in [[#|Wroclaw]] (Park Poludniowy) 11:00am – 1:00pm (you can stay as long as you wish, but the activities will be organized during these time). More details coming up.

Basketball Benefit for Hospice Care
March 15 , 2013 Volunteer moms needed to help us make paper bag lunches for the basketball players for the WIS Cancer Basketball Tournament . We are making 80 lunches! Please give us a hand.
We will meet at Malin’s house at 9:00 am . More details coming up.

Please note the following dates changes:

1. Coffee morning will be March 26 at Merle’s house to fill Easter Eggs for the Easter Egg Hun
2. Easter Egg Hunt will be March 28 at Beyzyma Campus. All children please bring a basket to school to collect the eggs
3. Fun Food Friday will be April 12

Here is some information on the upcoming events organized by the WIS PTA:

February 8th – Beyzyma Disco Night! Zielinskiego theatre room, 6:00-8:00pm, 20 zl per child. Come and dance!! For Beyzyma students.

February 14th Valentines Bake Sale at both schools – we need bakers and sellers. We are raising [[#|money]] to buy books for the library. Sign-up sheets are posted on the school boards.

February 26th – PTA Coffee morning – 9:00 – 10:30 am Zielinskiego Campus Theater room. Doors open at 8:45 am.

March 8th International women's day at match point ! Badminton and lunch at the Aroma restaurant . Come celebrate with us!

We are looking for moms who are interested in doing a Cooking Club for Moms, the idea is to meet once a month and teach to cook a special dish and enjoy a meal together. Any ideas? Give us your feedback!

Have a great weekend!

Dear Parents !

I would like to inform you that last thursday there was a FEM Board meeting which I attended. The minutes from that meeting I will send out to you all over the weekend.

Best regards,Agnes DixonPTA

Dear Parents!
Here is some information on the upcoming events organized by the WIS PTA:

Please note that Family Day At Skybowling this Saturday January 26th Has been cancelled.

January 29th – PTA Coffee morning – 9:00 – 10:30 am Zielinskiego Campus Theater room. Doors open at 8:45 am.
All parents are invited to attend. We will plan the Beyzyma Disco Night, present questions to the School Board, and plan the Valentines Bakes Sale! A special announcement will be made about celebrating Women’s Day on March 8th. Please mark this date and come to support us and make the events fun for our children. The more of us the more we can do!!
February 8th – Beyzyma Disco Night! More details coming soon. Organizers are Malin and Clara – our events specialists!
February 14th Valentines Bake Sale at both schools – we need bakers and sellers. We are raising [[#|money]] to buy books for the library. There will be sign-up sheets to sign up for the event.
February 26th – PTA Coffee morning – 9:00 – 10:30 am Zielinskiego Campus Theater room. Doors open at 8:45 am.

Please note that Family Day At Skybowling this Saturday January 26th Has been cancelled

Dear Parents!!!

Hope you are all enjoying the snow and the chilly temperatures! Here are some great events happening at our school that will warm you up!

  • January 26th is Family Fun Day at Skybowling! Time 3:00-5:00pm. Come and have fun , get some exercise and meet with other parents and children. The cost is only 20zl per person for 2 hours of play!! Last day to pay is Monday 21st.
  • January 29th An invitation to all for our informal Coffee Morning at the theater, Zielinskiego Campus, 9:00 – 10:00 am. We will have a chance to plan our events in more details.
  • February 8th in the evening is Disco Night for all the Beyzyma students , pre-k to grade 4. Watch out for more information! But reserve that evening for great music and dancing!
  • February 14th is our Valentine’s Day Bake Sale at both campuses. We need bakers and sellers. Please give us a hand to make this fun for our children.
  • March 8th we are celebrating International Women’s Day! All WIS women are invited ! We are planning a game of badminton and a lunch afterwards. More details coming up.

Take Care!
Your PTA

Welcome back !! Wishing everyone a happy New Year!!

We want to send a special welcome to the new families who have joined our school and encourage you to join our PTA! We are having a coffee morning on January 29th , Theater room, zielinskiego campus, 9:00-10:00am it will be a pleasure to have all the parents join us!!

January 26th is our annual family fun day!! This time it's sky bowling at the Skytower Sky Bowling. Time is 3:00-5:00 pm- we are still negotiating the best price. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Enjoy the week and see you at the coffee morning!

Agnes Dixon

There will be no coffee morning in December. Next informal coffee morning will be on January 29th at 9:00 am.
Family Bowling January 26,2013 3:00pm-5:00pm Skybowling at Skytower . More details coming up.

May the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow.
Wish you lots of love, joy & happiness.
Your PTA

Thank you all so much for all your help with the PTA activities! Wishing you a great Holiday Season and the best in the New Year!!

January 26th it is confirmed! Family Sky Bowling, 3:00pm – 5:00 pm at Skytower. More info in the new year.

December 8th – Winter Wow – please make a festive dish to share. Our concert starts at Winter Wow starts at 3:00-6:00pm. We will have holiday workshops and a Potluck together. Do not forget that Santa will come.
If you can please come early to help us set up! Thank you.

We would like ask that each family brings a supper dish and not sweets. This year we will have a toy drive for our Pierwszy Krok Charity.

We would like to ask each family to bring a toy for a child – the cost should be no more than 50 zl. Please wrap the toys and mark the age for a child and whether it is a boy or a girl. The ages for children are between 2-15 years.

November 30th – Christmas Bake Sale. At Zielinskiego campus the bake sale starts at 2:15 pm and Beyzyma at 2:40 pm. Please bake and help us sell.

December 3rd – Christmas Card Making with Jonna! at Zielinskiego Theatre

Doors open 8.30 - 12. 00 - we start at 9:00 am
Cost 20 zl – please pay the secretaries at either school by November 29th.

December 8th – Winter Wow – please make a festive dish to share. We would like ask that each family brings a supper dish and not sweets. This year we will have a toy drive for our Pierwszy Krok Charity. We would like to ask each family to bring a toy for a child – the cost should be no more than 50 zl. Please wrap the toys and mark the age for a child and whether it is a boy or a girl. The ages for children are between 2-15 years.

January 26th Family Fun Day – Sky Bowling 3:00-5:00pm
January 29th - PTA Coffee Morning 9:00 – 10:30 am Theater Room

Join us for our monthly Coffee Morning!

November 27th 9:00 - 10:30, Theater Room Zielinskiego Campus.
Our special guest speaker is Mrs.Szajn - Chief Education Officer

November 30th - Christmas Bake Sale! Both Campuses - we need bakers and sellers

An Invitation!
Christmas Card Workshop Monday December 3rd at Zielinskiego Theatre
Doors open 8.30 - 12. 00 - we [[#|start]] at 9:00 am
There will be lot´s of materials so you can try and make different style cards!
[[#|Sign up]] and pay to Monika/Kalina 20 pln if you want to participate by November 29th.

December 8th Winter Wow ! Zielinskiego Campus, 3:00 - 6:00pm. Concert, workshops, potluck and Santa. Please bring back your attendance slips and 10zl per child.

November 8th Newsletter:

All the moms who are going to the Opera this Saturday, please meet at 6:00 pm at the Café Opera so we can enjoys some snacks and time together. You are welcome to order as you wish and just pay at the Café. Agnes will wait for the moms downstairs at the entrance inside the Opera to show you where to go.

We are still trying to arrange for a movie night. We will let you know when there will be more details.

Korean Fun Food Friday! – November 23rd at lunchtime, both schools. Children will get a notice to take home. There will be no school lunch that day.

Christmas Bake Sale – both campuses. Let’s get in to the Holidays Spirit. All the money raised from the bake sale will go towards buying books for the library. From our last bake sale we already have purchased books.

Winter Wow Concert coming up in December 8th or 9th – still to be confirmed.

Soccer News!
Because of the difficulty In arranging an available gymnasium for the soccer practices, we are forced to make some changes in the schedules. From now on until further notice, the soccer practices/trainings will take place only once a week.
The practices will be every Tuesday from
3:45 pm – 5:00 pm ul. Swobodna 71-73 (Centrum Ksztalcenia Ustawicznego).
The current price will be 40zl a month. We are still looking for a gymnasium for Fridays. If anything changes we will keep you informed.
Thank you!

Mom’s Night Out at the Opera! November 10th.
We will meet the the Café Opera for a pre-show wine and snack at 6:00pm.
You are welcome to order as you wish and pay at the café.
The opera show starts at 7:00pm.


Halloween Party! October 20th,2012, 3:00 – 5:00pm at the Theater Room, Zielinskiego Campus . Dress up in costume, carve your pumpkin at home and bring it to the party! Many prizes and treats. Pizza and drink for snack. Tix 20 zl per child. They will be on sale Friday 12 and Monday 15th in the am by Merle – or pay the schools secretary. See you there!!!!


Friday September 21,2012
Beyzyma at 2:40 pm and Zielinskiego 2:20 pm
We would like to ask you for your help in baking and selling.
The money we make will go to buy new books for the library. Please sign up at school's pta board.

School End Picnic!!!!
June 3rd,2012
12:00 – 3:00pm
Cost : adults 5zl, children 20zl
Let’s have fun!
Children will have organized activities, games and will learn about the Native Indians and different communication styles.
There is a huge fenced play and run area that is safe for children.
It is a picnic so please bring everything and anything you wish for your family picnic .
There will be a grill for us to use, please bring your charcoal.
We will have a share table – please bring a dish to share with others.

Please pay the school’s secretaries by Friday June 1stJ
Indian Village POCAHONTAS
Zabrodzie 2752-351 Wrocław - Klecina

School t-shirts are for sale with the school logo. Cost is 25 zl each. They will be used for school 10th year anniversary and for other school activities. Please buy them at Beyzyma on Friday May 25th and at Zielinskiego campus on Monday and Tuesday next week. Pay schools secretaries. Many raised will be used to purchase a set of 20 hats for students to wear while on field trips.

Spring Fling Hotel Monopol May 26th, 7:00pm-Midnight. Bar 13 level -1. See you there!

May 29th, PTA Last of the year Coffee Morning, 9:00-10:00 am Zielinskiego campus Theater room. Join us to make plans for next year.

School Year End Picnic June 3rd. 12:00 – 3:00pm at the Pocahontas Indian Village, bring your own picnic and food for the BBQ. Children will have great organized activities focused on many different styles of communication as well as great outdoor fun.

Dear Parents!
Thank you so much for all your support in the last few days. Here is a list of events happening for may and June.
DVD of the Spring concert is for sale for 45 zl. Please pay the schools secretaries.

May 26th at Hotel Monopol - Spring Fling! A great evening with delicious food, great wine and beautiful friends. 75 al per person for a buffet, a bottle of wine can be bought at the Monopol store for a good price . Please pay the schools secretaries and come with someone or alone!

PTA coffee Morning on Tuesday May 29th – 9:00 am – 10:00am Zilelinskiego Campus Theater. Agenda: planning for next year, suggestions for next year .

June 3rd – School Year End Lunch Picnic – The Indian village

We will not have any charity collations in May as the road construction around the charity offive is still underway and we have no way of getting there with our donations.

Hi again! We have great news! Changes regarding the dvd and pictures for the Spring concert: The price of the Spring Concert
DVD has been reduced to 45 zl per DVD and the pictures will be taken and available for a good price. So happy about the price reduction. Dont forget to get one:)

School Song Practice for the School Anniversary Celebrations
Friday 11th, Beyzyma campus 8:20 am. Come and sing!

Spring Concert Video and Photos Information

Dear Parents,
We are all excited about the Spring Concert . To make the memories last the PTA has reserved a professional video taker who has worked with Atut school on many occasions. We have prepared the following offer for you:

DVD of the concert – duration 1.5hrs cost 60 zl per DVD
DVD of the concert plus professional photos of the concert – 80zl package
CD with pictures only – cost 40 zl

Please think about what package you would like to have and place the order at the schools secretaries plus your children names.
Last day to place your order will be Friday , May 19th.
All packages will be ready for June 1st – International Children’s Day.
Enjoy the memories,
Your PTA

  • PTA Coffee Morning – Tuesday 24th, 8:20 – 9:15am, Beyzyma Campus. Special guest Mr.Thomson. Very important information will be presented.
  • No English Class on April 24th.
  • May 19th, Spring Fling – an evening out for parents and teachers !Get your babysitters. We are a planning adinner and wine evening . More details coming up.
  • June 3rd – School year end picnic. An outdoor party for all.

  • Mark the date: Spring Fling May 19th, 6:00pm
  • Join us at the Theater : An award winning play with English subtitles
April 20,2012, 7:00pm. 45 zl per person. More info on PTA Boards

  • Beyzyma Campus Toy Recycling – Please bring a gently used indoor/outdoor toy for children over 3 years old. April 2nd collections. We will be happy to use it for after school care or donate to Pierwszy Krok charity.
  • Beyzyma Easter Egg Hunt – April 5th, 12:00 – 12:30 Each child brings a basket to school to collect 5 eggs .
  • There will be on English class for parents on Tuesday April 3rd.
  • Thank you for the sweet donations.

Hello Parents, Teachers and students!
  • We are having a Family Fun Day on Sunday March 18th, 2:00 – 5:00pm at Loopys World – Bielany Wroclawskie. Cost is 39 zl per child for 3 hours of play! Anyone over 13 years old is free. You just come and pay at the door and have fun!

  • Korean Fun Food Friday!March 23 at both schools.

  • We are planning to have an Easter Egg Hunt for the Beyzyma campus students. We would like to ask the parents to bring some sweets to share. No chocolate! Jelly beans or candies or stickers would be great! We will put them into eggs for the hunt. Please bring to school on Friday March 23.

  • We need 6 volunteers to pack the eggs! March 27we will meet Merlle’s house to have some packing fun.
There will be no coffee morning or English class on March 27th.

Thank you!
Your PTA

Dear Parents,
Join us on March 8th for Ladies badminton and lunch. Cost is 50 zl to be paid by this Friday to schools secretary. More information on the PTA boards. Lets enjoy this day together.

[[#|Sign up]] sheets for Womens day badminton and lunch are up in schools.

Valentines bake sale! Please note change: Beyzyma Campus February 13th , 2:40 pm
February 14th Zielinskiego Campus 2:20 pm – selling for both schools. Cost is 2zl.
February 28th, PTA Coffee Morning, 9:00 am – 10 am Zielinskiego Campus - No English Calss.
March 8th Women’s Day Badminton and Lunch . Start 10: 00 am. Watch the board for more info.
Family Fun Day – March 18th,2:00 – 5:00pm at Loopy’s World

Have a great Winter break!
Your PTA

We are celebrating Women’s Day
March 8th,2012!
Reserve this date !
10:00 – 11:00 am Badminton Game
11:300 – 13:30 am Lunch Aroma Restaurant
We will have a great day! We will play badminton and then have a great lunch.
16 ladies can play badminton as we have 4 courts reserved! Others can cheer them on and join us for lunch.

Cost about 50 zl per person for badminton and lunch. We will present a lunch offer next week.
Fun facts about Women’s Day and games during lunch!

Come and celebrate! Let’ have fun!!
Match Point Recreation center
Ślęza, ul. Szyszkowa 655-040 Kobierzyc

Happy New Year Everyone!
  • Our next Coffee Morning is January 31,20012 at 9:00 – 10:00 am Zielinskiego Campus, Theater room. We will talk about the upcoming events for the school and plan for them. Please join us!!

  • English Conversation Class starts again January 17th.

  • Ballet classes for pre-k and k start Tuesday cost is 60 per class divided by the number of children attending. Max group is 8 students. Sign up on the board. This time we pay Mrs. Monika for all the classes in this semester.

  • Coming up Valentines Bake Sale On February 14th on both campuses!

  • We would like to organize a family and teachers Sunday Fun Day! Any ideas? Please share them with us! The suggested day is January 29th. Contact :


Erik Bullock was the winner of the Christmas Basket Raffle at the Winter Wow! Congratulations and thank you all who bought the tickets for supporting the PTA!

Thank you so much for all your help with the Winter Wow preparations. The concert was a great success!

Christmas Basket Raffle
We will have a beautiful Christmas Basket raffle/lottery ! Tickets will be on sale at the Winter Wow.
A big thanks to Danjiela for making the basket and donating the goodies.


On time just before Christmas we have prepared a special offer for our Clients -15% trade discounts for MARIA GALLAND and OMNISENS treatment.
Offer till for 31 december- we are make booking till 15 december.

Winter Wow! Please bring a dish to share!

The WIS shirts are ready! On Friday December 9th we are having a WIS Spirits Day! Please have your child wear the schools t-shirts or any top in red! We are celebrating the schools Spirit!

Winter Wow December 10, 2011-12-02, 3:00 – 6:00 pm
Zielińskiego Campus
Dear Parents:
Please join us for our annual Winter Wow concert and celebration. We will all enjoy a concert, Christmas workshops , a potluck and a Santa’s visit!
Each WIS student will receive a gift from Santa. If you have a child who is not a WIS student, please pay the schools secretary 10 zl for the extra gift from Santa.
Please fill the form and return to school by Tuesday December 6th,2011.

Family Name

Children attending but are not students at WIS __X 10 zl per child for present
Return form : December 5th!

Volunteers needed to decorate for the winter wow concert at 1:30pm at Ziielinskiego campus. Please contact agnes dixon for more information at her new number : 502 950 884 502 950 884 502 950 884 502 950 884 502 950 884 502 950 884 502 950 884 502 950 884 502 950 884

Share the gifts! Families are asked to sponsor a child from the Pierwszy Krok foundation and bring a wrapped Christmas Gift, approx. 50 zl, to our Winter Wow concert. The sign-up sheet is at Beyzyma Campus.

Spirit Day is coming up next week - watch for posters!

Mom’s Choir for the Winter Wow
Come sing with us! We are practicing songs for the winter concert which will take place December 10,2001.
Our practice is every Wednesday 2:00 – 2:40 pm at Beyzyma campus.

Thank you to all the moms who helped out with the Fun Food Friday. It was a lot of organizing. We all appreciate your participation.

Next PTA meeting November 25th,2001 8:30-9:30 am at Beyzyma cafeteria. For PTA representatives only.

Your help is needed!

Fun Food Friday , November 25th, Volunteers are needed to help distribute lunch to classrooms at Beyzyma Campus and Zielinskiego Campus. Sign up at school, please.

We need 5 helpers at Beyzyma Campus at 12:00pm

We need 2 helpers at Zielinskiego Campus at 12:00pm

Thank you so much! Your PTA

Fun Food Friday November 25th,20011

Please remember to return the Fun Food Friday orders by Monday. Tuesday is the latest!

There will be no school lunch on November 25th 2011.

Thank You

Events coming up!

November 16th

PTA Planning Events

9:00 – 10:30 Coffee Heaven Renoma shopping center

Coffee meeting to plan Fun Food Friday and Winter Wow – we need your help to make these events great, please join us with your ideas.

November 25th,2001

Fun Food Friday

Details coming this weekJ

November 29th

PTA Coffee morning – Christmas Card making

9:00 – 11:00am Zielinskiego campus – theater room

10 zl per person for materials – please register with Mrs .Monika at office

November 28th – December 2nd

Charity Drive for Pierwszy Krok – please donate your gently used items in boxes at both campuses.

Donations pick up December 2nd 9:00 am

Happy Fall Holidays!
Our next English class will be November 15thJ

  • Breakfast "Satinell" has changed from October 12th to October 19th! Watch for more information
Spa Breeakfast for Moms!
October 19th, 9:15:11:00 am

  • Halloween Baking Sale - Please help us with baking for the Zielinskiego campus, we will be selling for both Atut and Wis students, therefore we need your baking! There is a sign up sheet on the PTA board for you to sign your name. We are raising money for sports and indoor play toys. Thank you!