Welcome to PTA !
Our New School Year 2012/2013
Welcome back all returning parents and new families.

The WIS PTA 2012/2013

Welcome to the WIS Parent Teacher Association (PTA). As a parent of a child enrolled in Wroclaw International School you are automatically a member of the PTA. Being a member of the PTA simply means you are now part of a community that believes that effective parent involvement in our schools enriches the educational experience of our children. There are no fees or dues and we encourage everyone to get involved, either by volunteering or simply attending our activities. The Committee is a very open, friendly team . We develop good friendships through getting involved on the Committee and are always keen to meet new people. We depend on the entire school community to run the PTA and appreciate help and support of all kinds.

Here is our PTA tentative calendar for 2012/2013:

Wroclaw International School

Tentative PTA Calendar 2012/2013


Donation “pierwszy krok”

13th – Wis 10 year anniversary, 3-5pm

20th – Halloween Party for Beyzyma students, costume party,Pizza

25th - coffee morning PTA - Zielinskiego campus 9:00 am-10:30 am


10th – Moms night out – the Opera House and wine

12th – PTA parents meeting about the Winter Wow concert

23 Fun food Friday – both schools

27- PTA COFFEE MORNING - 9:00 - 10:30, Theater Room Zielinskiego Campus. Our special guest speaker is Mrs.Szajn - Cheif Educationa Officer

30th – Christmas Bake sale – both campuses


8 or 9th Winter Wow to be confirmed


26th Family fun day – sky bowling

29 - PTA Coffee Morning


8th – Disco night – beyzyma students

14th Valentines Bake Sale both campuses

26th - PTA coffee Morning


8th Women’s day badminton and lunch - Matchpoint

26th - PTA coffee Morning -Merlle's House to fill easter eggs

28th Easter Egg Hunt – Beyzyma Students – Z ielinskiego students Chocolate bunnies in lockersJ


Donations for Pierwszy krok

6th - Spring Fling - Parents and teachers night out

12th - Fun Food Friday

19 th -spring bake sale both campuses

23rd – pta coffee morning – planning for school end pick. We are meeting at Coffee Heaven at Skytower 8:30-9:30 am.


28th - PTA Coffee morning


9th School year end picnic

WIS PTA supports a local charity called Pierwszy Krok – First Steps. It is a transition house for battered women and children who have left abusive relationships and are starting to build a new life for them and their children. They need many things to help them become more independent as their [[#|income]] is limited.
We have been supporting this charity for many years by donating gently used items such as clothing, toys, small appliances tec. We will be having a collection twice this year, in the fall and in the spring. We are also excited about sponsoring the children by buying them Christmas gifts .
Thank you so much for all your help and we are looking forward to making this year a great year in supporting our charity!
We will be having a collection within the next two weeks. Please check to see if you have any items that you could donate.

Our first PTA meeting of the year is Tuesday ,September 11th,2012 9:00-10:30am
Theater Room Zielinskiego Campus.
Please Join us!

Wroclaw International School

Information about us

PTA consists of all parents and teachers. Our main goals are to support the school and give parents an opportunity to work together for the benefit of the school their children.

We organize meetings to discuss current issues at school and plan oncoming PTA events and activities for both children and adults.

In previous years we organized our annual spring Concerts, Winter Wow, Easter egg Hunts, Social Evenings and Charity Fund Raising as well as Fun Food Fridays.

Membership is automatic

Parents and teachers are automatically members of the PTA .

Our Committees

We have a few committees that parents can join. In the PTA we have a Chair, Treasurer , New Comers and an Events Committee Representatives. The members are elected and new members are welcome to join in! Please feel welcome to get in touch with the members to talk about any issues, ideas or suggestions, or join us at our meetings.

We have a PTA coffee morning every last Tuesday of the month 9:00am - 10 :00 am, campus at Zielinskiego 38. Theater Room.

Chair: Agnieszka (Agnes ) Dixon

Next Coffee Morning 29.11.2011

Christmas Card Making Workshop

9:00 – 11:00am
More info coming soon!

Spa Breakfast for Moms!

October 19th, 9:15:11:00 am

Thank you to all that came to our first PTA meeting!

This year we will focus on event projects and ask parents to volunteer for these events.

2011-2012 Tentative PTA Calendar

9/27 PTA Coffee Morning – informal coffee and Welcome New Families!!
Coffee Heaven 9:00am Renoma Shopping Center

10/08 Potluck Party
10/14 Halloween Bake Sale Both Campuses
10/22 Halloween Party for Beyzyma students
10/25 PTA Coffee Morning – informal

Donation Collection for Pierwszy Krok
11/25 Fun Food Friday – Both campuses
11/29 PTA Coffee Morning – informal

12/11 Winter Wow - need to reserve room, 12/4 alternate date

1/29 Family Fun Day - possibly bowling, bobolandia, ice skating,
1/31 PTA Coffee Morning – informal

2/13 and 14 Valentine’s Bake Sale – both campuses
2/28 PTA Coffee Morning - informal

Donation Collection for Pierwszy Krok
3/9 Fun Food Friday
3/27 PTA Coffee Morning

4/5 Easter Egg Hunt
4/24 PTA Coffee Morning

5/26 Spring Fling – Family & Friends & Teachers night out!
5/29 PTA Coffee Morning – Good Bye to Families Leaving

Donation Collection for Pierwszy Krok
6/3 School End Picnic